EPA Compliance

At Foamco we take the impact our manufacturing operations have on the environment seriously.

Foamco manages all the risks involved to help our community by preventing, harm to the environment and/or human health,
managing our waste and recycling by working closely with the “Environment Protection Authority (EPA)” to have total compliance at all our manufacturing facilities.

EPA Emissions Testing May 2024 report

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

GECA Accreditation

Committed to a Sustainable Future

At Foamco, we are committed to offering you products that are safer for you and our planet Earth. Our every endeavor is directed towards creating a product lineup that surpasses all stringent Australian and Global Environment & Safety standards. We are pleased to announce that we have a suite of foam products that are certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), a certification that’s awarded to products that adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards. GECA certification is testimony to our dedication to creating sustainable products that don’t affect your health and minimize their impact on the environment as far as possible.

We take our environmental responsibility seriously and dedicate ourselves in creating a sustainable, greener planet. Our products have been assessed and certified for their near-zero emissions, lowest carbon footprint and minimal waste. Our products do not use any hazardous metals that pose a threat to your health or our environment. Every time you choose a Foamco product, you can be assured you are buying a product that cares for the environment as much as you do.

Foamco’s Latest Factory Video – Our Sustainability Commitment

Soft Landing

Foamco are passionate about creating a more positive social, and environmental impact on the community that we are an integral part of.  Becoming an industry partner of the Soft Landing Product Stewardship Scheme www.recyclemymattress.com.au is a very exciting and rewarding step towards this goal. 

Not only will this partnership help reduce the volume of waste created by used mattresses and their raw materials (such as foam), but it will also assist in the creation of job opportunities for people who have previously experienced barriers in finding rewarding and lasting  employment. 

To date, over 4000 tonnes of foam alone has been diverted from landfill, and repurposed in recycling facilities across Australia.

If you are a business that uses foam and are keen to find out more about doing business with Foamco, click here to make an enquiry.

Purify Certification

How Purify Works

• Purify’s unique technology keeps foam fresh, clean and 99.9% free of bacteria and fungal which cause odour and degrade foam integrity.

• Purify microbial protection is safe for people, plants, animals and the delicate environment in which we live.

• Once added to the foam, Purify antimicrobials will not leach, migrate or otherwise leave the foam,
meaning you are protected for the life of the furniture.

• Purify contains no heavy metals, carcinogens, or volatile chemicals making it the cleanest and greenest antimicrobial in the world today.

If you would like to know more about Foamco’s use of PURIFY and how this feature can enhance your product range, click here to make an enquiry.