About Us

Company History

For more than 25 years, we’ve been manufacturing and distributing our range of polyurethane foams to a variety of Australian furniture and bedding businesses.

Whilst the furniture and bedding industry has been our primary focus, Foamco has learnt to diversify and also provide highly innovative product solutions such as medical mattresses, acoustic sound proofing, packaging and sports padding, durable seating designs for trains, boats, buses, trucks and planes.  This capability makes Foamco a desirable partner whatever your solution or design challenges may be.

Our advanced technology is world standard.  Our manufacturing processes and equipment is world standard.

Our foams are manufactured locally in Australia and with national servicing capability. Our latest video below highlights our commitment to all our customers.


Cleaner & Greener

Foamco practises excellence in environmental care.  Investing in the latest C02 technology sees Foamco at the forefront of the marketplace in green manufacturing.

Foamco continue to develop and provide you with products and processes that exceed the market standard for a cleaner environment.

At Foamco we also work together with our customers on recycling product off cuts and reducing waste.

Being a local manufacturer means our carbon footprint is lower and the video below highlights our commitment to a greener future.


Service Standards Second to None

We pride ourselves on being the company you can rely on.  Our people are our greatest asset and they define who we are and what we do.

We like to say at Foamco we know you by your name and not your order number.

We believe everything that goes into the manufacturing process counts, from the quality of the product, to the quality of delivery, to the quality of the customer service you receive.

Hence our motto: “What’s Inside Matters”.